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American Lumber

(Hardwood & Softwood)

We sell Quality American Lumber to International Customers.

We are backed by two generations of timber harvesting, manufacturing and selling business. For more than fifteen years we have been supplying major Guitar manufacturers in the United States with wooden components made from exotic species and imported from overseas.



American Hardwood Export International is a nimble dynamic company, passionate about its products and services. We believe in customer satisfaction and provide quality American hardwood and softwood in a timely manner maintaining personalized service. We stay connected with our customers as well as other business partners and establish a lasting relationship. We are always “a phone call away”.

What we offer

We offer premium quality American hardwood and softwood as requested by customers. In addition to lumber, we provide the support services such as containerizing, documentation and shipping to the port specified by customer.




Hardwood lumber is abundantly grown in American forests, widely used throughout the home for flooring, cabinet, furniture, moulding and others.

Dozens of species provide plenty of color, grain and pattern. American hardwoods are the natural choice for environmentally conscious users. It is renewable, sustainable, plentiful, durable and easy to work with.



Softwood lumber is widely used for outdoor, residential and non-residential building construction.

Softwood products in the form of lumber, beams and wood paneling are used for flooring, decking, molding, millwork, door, window and building framing. Softwood is considered ultimate building material given its technical capabilities and green credential.

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At American Hardwood Export International, we export premium quality products around the world. We work hand in hand with our customers to ship our products to the destination of their choice. We provide top notch customer service with a smile! Send us a request for quote to see what we have to offer!